For the last weeks the whole world cannot look away from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This is also due to an ongoing ‘(dis/mis)information war’ on Social Media.

To cut through the fog of war on Twitter, Philipp Kessling and I have compiled a dataset of almost all Tweets containing the word or hashtag ‘Ukraine’ in four languages:

English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian.

While we cannot share the content of the tweets, due to Twitter TOS and ethical considerations, we decided to share the Tweet IDs with the research, OSINT, and data journalism community publicly.

This allows researchers, analysts and journalists, who would otherwise have to pay or apply for elevated access to get data that is older than a week, to quickly ‘rehydrate’ the tweets with their content via the Twitter API.

We hope that this supports everyone in a timely analysis of how the Ukraine invasion is reflected on Twitter, especially from a dis- and misinformation perspective

Please find the data as well as some expected FAQs here:

Interview (in German) about the dataset

[Latest edit on 12.4.2022]